Manage and Save Cloud Costs Intelligently and Efficiently

Eliminate wasteful spending, ship efficient code, and innovate profitably over the cloud.


Determine your Cloud COGS

Cloud Costs that impact your bottom line

Ingest data from cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Alibaba Cloud and Kubernetes. Consolidate all costs in a common data format, and determine your cloud COGS precisely.

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Adopt FinOps and benefit from minimal and predictable Cloud costs

Accelerate FinOps Adoption

Easily organize Cloud usage, optimize and forecast Kubernetes and Cloud costs. Benefit from the only solution that engages engineers in cost savings.

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Monitor Behaviour, Identify Bottlenecks & Act on Performance Enahncement Recommendations

Costs that matters

DigiUsher monitors key application and resource metrics like CPU, network and storage utilization utilizing data provided by cloud-native monitoring tools. All Kubernetes metrics are collected by Prometheus. DigiUsher analyzes the performance metrics, compares them with historical data, patterns and then identifies bottlenecks. Bottlenecks could be lack of IOPS, CPU underutilization, wrong node pool for pods, etc. DigiUsher provides dozens of performance enhancement scenarios such as VM rightsizing, CI/CD job resource reflavoring, pod affinity groups, and reducing cross-region traffic.

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Our Approach

Good financial management of cloud resources isn’t a one-time or one-person job. It requires effective collaboration, timely action, and a culture of cloud cost ownership among engineers.

Discover & Allocate

Discover and Allocate 100% of multi-cloud and container costs. DigiUsher automatically tags resources, cleans up messy and missing tags, and updates cost allocation and ownership as your organization and cloud infrastructure evolve.

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Whether teams need to purchase discount plans, rightsize resources, or prevent runaway cost spikes, DigiUsher helps the right people take the right actions at the right times. You’ll typically save 25-50% with every good decision.

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Predict & Operate

Helps platform and cloud engineering, FinOps, and finance teams collaborate effectively to narrow the gap between forecasted and actual spend. DigiUsher forecasts cloud costs with >95% accuracy and warns you of potential budget overruns.

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