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By Use Case

Covering multiple Use Cases

DigiUsher helps you to improve visibility, accountability, budgeting and forecasting for various usecases

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Our main Use Cases

Key Usecases for DigiUsher includes

Cloud Cost Optimization

Identify opportunities for cost optimization — with cloud cost lens, plus expert recommendations and coaching. Working with DigiUsher is like having one of those fancy cloud cost consultants, combined with a platform that organizes spend better than anyone else. You’ll get unparalleled visibility, expert recommendations, and a cloud cost success manager to make sure you’re on the right track.

Engineering Cost Management

Shift cloud cost left, reduce costly tech debt at the source, and build products with healthy margins. Companies are under immense pressure to innovate — which often makes cost an afterthought. DigiUsher enables engineering and product teams to consider cost throughout the software development lifecycle, without impacting velocity.

Cloud Financial Management

Eliminate wasteful spending, ship efficient code, and innovate profitably — all in one platform. We partner with cloud users of customers, helping them eliminate wasteful spending, ship efficient code, and track the cost consequences of their building and maintaining decisions. Through an ongoing feedback loop — including near-real-time cost data in DigiUsher, anomaly alerts, and bespoke FinOps consultation — DigiUsher shifts cost accountability onto the engineers responsible for building and maintaining cloud infrastructure.

Kubernetes Cost Monitoring

Seamlessly measure COGS across containerized infrastructure. Moving to Kubernetes can obscure key COGS metrics, leaving you with a sudden cost blindspot. DigiUsher provides visibility into your cloud cost — containerized, or not — providing you with seamless visibility into your cloud spend, while you embrace Kubernetes - on-premise or cloud.

Cost per Customer Analysis

DigiUsher gives you ongoing visibility into unit cost, COGS, and cost per customer. A growing cloud bill is normal when your company is growing too — but without business context, engineering and finance can’t make sense of whether the growth is healthy or not. DigiUsher aligns cost to your product architecture and business metrics, so you can have discussions about ROI, rather than EC2.

Unit Cost Analysis

Whether your total spend goes up or down is arbitrary without context — especially when you’re continuously adding new features and customers. DigiUsher helps you monitor your average cost per unit, like customers, so you know if you’re achieving economies of scale — or not.

Migration Cost Monitoring

Monitor cost and track progress in real time as you move workloads to Cloud. Migrating to cloud such as AWS, Azure, GCP requires more than just lifting and shifting applications into the cloud. DigiUsher monitors your spend, providing you with visibility into the cost of your architecture — so there are never any surprises.

SaaS COGS Management

DigiUsher offers a simple and flexible way for you to group and measure your cost in a matter of hours, by whatever COGS metrics make sense for your business.


By Persona

Ushering various Personas

DigiUsher helps you to improve visibility, accountability, budgeting and forecasting for various usecases

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Platform Engineering

DigiUsher is the only solution that automates cost attribution with automated tagging workflows, giving your engineering teams the tools they need to identify untagged resources, normalize tag naming conventions, and create business hierarchy rules that allocate costs in your business context with 95%-100% cost accuracy.

Cloud Engineering

Shift cloud cost left, reduce costly tech debt at the source, and build products with healthy margins.


As a FinOps practitioner, you know that managing cloud cost isn’t a one-time—or one-person—job. FinOps isn’t about saving money only. It’s about growing your company and driving profit by investing in the right areas. This requires surfacing relevant metrics to your stakeholders — then holding them accountable for cost while empowering them to make tradeoffs in the best interest of the business. With Digiusher, you have a single source of truth for all multi-cloud cost that everyone can rally around.


DigiUsher provides you with the people, process, and technology to fully allocate your cloud spend, decentralize cloud cost, and create a shared language between finance, engineering, and every stakeholder. Improve budgeting and forecast predictability with cloud costs with alignment with business strategy and goals.


By Provider

DigiUsher supports multiple cloud providers

such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Kubernetes (Cloud & On-Premise) and Alibaba Cloud

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DigiUsher supports multiple cloud providers

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

DigiUsher offers a unique approach to AWS cost optimization and management, thus empowering your IT team with innovative software for cost analytics across cloud resources and their owners, business units, applications, and CI/CD jobs. DigiUsher is the best solution to adopt FinOps, keep cloud costs under control, ensure 100% predictability, reduce AWS cloud cost, and achieve optimized AWS cost management. helps companies detect unassigned and orphaned resources, reduce wasted spend such as underutilized or idle resources and build the most effective IT infrastructure. DigiUsher generates AWS availability zone score, recommends resource relocation, and assists with workload mobility. The AWS cost anomaly detection feature constantly screens your cloud consumption usage patterns and identifies any spending deviations and spikes. DigiUsher provides an in-depth cost analysis that enables the engineering team to take action quickly and prevent unexpected cost charges in your AWS cloud bills. The network traffic cost map shows accumulated expenses for paid network traffic between cloud regions and external services.

Microsoft Azure

DigiUsher offers a disruptive way to adopt FinOps principles, manage Microsoft Azure cost management and optimization, and engage engineers in cost-saving processes. DigiUsher provides a robust set of capabilities to monitor cloud utilization and implement cloud cost allocation strategies. The solution minimizes MS Azure cloud spending and over-provisioning and provides full cloud budget transparency. DigiUsher analyzes customer cloud usage and offers hundreds of insightful optimization recommendations, from VM rightsizing to PaaS services and abandoned buckets. DigiUsher assists customers with utilizing and consuming cloud services with zero loss. It improves the return on your cloud investment, enabling continuous cost optimization, analyzing the actual consumption of services, and improving MS Azure cost management.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Hundreds of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) cost optimization scenarios, including VM rightsizing, CI/CD job resource resizing, or reducing cross-region traffic, are available for DigiUsher customers. DigiUsher brings full GCP cost observability, identifies budget wastage, offers a wide range of performance enhancement, and improves resource utilization. DigiUsher opens significant cost-saving opportunities for Google Cloud platform users by providing an opportunity to set TTL rules, budget constraints, daily limits, and quotas with instant alerts. Real-time notifications via Slack allow engineers to keep the resource lifecycle under control, avoid underutilized resources and prevent budget overruns. DigiUsher can continuously observe GCP costs and resource utilization and detect cost anomalies to avoid bill shocks.


DigiUsher is a powerful solution, reducing Kubernetes cost by 35%. When it’s time to analyze a Kubernetes cost, you may find it challenging as your bill won’t include all the necessary workload information. For example, the cloud bill will not match the price for specific business purposes. The cost of a cluster consists of the cost of each active server on which it runs. However, it’s crucial to have a detailed Kubernetes cost analysis to run a business effectively. DigiUsher offers complete cost transparency and hundreds of optimization scenarios so that your IT budget is under control and Kubernetes expenses are significantly reduced. Get real-time resource detection and map out your K8s cost to a specific business unit, team, individual engineer, or project within your organization, enabling you to achieve complete cloud cost transparency. Analyze expenses across multiple clusters on a single dashboard. Identify the cost of each deployment, service, or namespace. Receive real-time alerts and notifications to reduce costs continuously.

Alibaba Cloud

Reduce monthly Alibaba Cloud bill up to 35% by achieving full applications and workloads transparency with DigiUsher. DigiUsher is a unique solution that opens significant cost-saving opportunities for Alibaba Cloud customers. As the only commercial platform supporting Alibaba Cloud, DigiUsher identifies budget wastage, offers a wide range of optimization scenarios to enhance applications performance, cuts expenses, and brings observability. DigiUsher ensures high efficiency for running containerized applications on Alibaba Cloud. It supports all Kubernetes clusters and offers the best option for optimization: applying cloud discounts such as reserved instances, pod rightsizing, node rightsizing (VMs rightsizing), autoscaling, and rebalancing fragmented nodes.

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